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11 Mar 2022

How Leaders Can Inspire A Collective Vision For Their Teams

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.

Great leaders are not defined by the accolades they receive, but rather by the lives they touch and the people they inspire. From political figures to industrialists, people remember and respect leaders who manage to look beyond just themselves. A team working towards a common vision is more likely to succeed than a team working for paychecks and deadlines. Thus, values-based leadership is an inspired and impactful way to create a high-performance team.

But, how does a leader go about inspiring their team to work for something bigger than themselves? 

Making it personal

The purpose is nothing, if not personal. 

For anyone to truly commit to an idea, a vision, or a higher purpose, they need to feel personally connected to it. The human need to ‘feel connected’ is the key to impactful inspiration. Once a leader is able to tap into the emotion that they want the vision to inspire, their team will rise to the occasion, every time. 

With Wheels of Hope, an indoor employee engagement activity, leaders can help bring their teams together to work on building cycles for underprivileged children. This activity inspires empathy and makes the team feel committed to the idea of building something out of compassion, together. 

And this act of working together, despite the numerous disparities - from geographical to divisional, can effectively strengthen their interpersonal bonds. 

Be Authentic

For a vision to feel truly personal, it needs inspired action on the individual’s part. Thus, for leaders trying to steer their team towards a unified goal, or a collective vision, their own actions also need to be aligned with the same. 

When team members witness their leaders practicing what they preach on a daily basis, they are more likely to align their own behavior accordingly. In fact, a lack of inspired action on the leader’s part can nullify their attempts at inspiring their team members to follow suit. 

Gone are the days when leaders could get away with simply dictating out instructions and getting results. Teams these days need to respect their managers as individuals first, to truly commit to the organization's vision. Sincerity not only sells but also leaves a lasting impression. 

Make aligned actions a habit

Even with both passion and authenticity, your vision can’t be a one-off thing. Infrequent speeches by managers are never going to be enough to inspire people to align with the organization’s values. Instead, a perpetual approach towards imbing the values of an organization can work like clockwork. 

Instead of simple presentations and conferences, experientially immersive experiences can prove to be highly impactful when trying to inspire your team. This is because immersion experiences allow teams to experience the ‘why’ of things firsthand. 

Activities like Big Picture not only allow teams to collaborate effectively but also provide them with the chance to work towards a common goal while feeling completely engaged with the activity at hand.

Immersive experiences have proved themselves to be indispensable when it comes to effective employee engagement and training. Just the right sprinkle of experiential team engagement sessions and et voila! Your next employee engagement session can prove to be as engaging as educational.

Discover more about unconventional ways to inspire, engage, and rejuvenate your team’s passion with us.


Let’s get the ball rolling

Picking the right program for your organization can be tough - so we’re here to help you narrow down the options. Just pick the size of your team, the type and duration of activity you’d like to organize. We’ll recommend the most effective, engaging and results-based activity for your team.


Sahil Bajaj

Co-founder Team Builders India

Sahil Bajaj is India’s best Corporate Presenter, having over 11 years of experience in the industry. He was awarded the Best Corporate Presenter & Trainer by EEMA Spotlight Award 2017. Having an extensive Television and Radio background, he heads the Business Development Unit at TBI.

Sahil Bajaj adds dynamism and flavor to team building at Team Builders India. He started really young at the age of 17 as an emcee, quickly moved up the ladder as a corporate presenter and eventually landed into Team Building and found his passion for people engagement.

He and Utsav have the power to electrify larger groups. And that is how they decided to Co-found Team Builders India.

Apart from being the lead gap-finder at Team Builders India, Sahil is also the acting COO and manages execution for all the programs.


Utsav Shukla

Dynamic Public Speaker

A dynamic public speaker & Orator. Certified Trainer. He is an Asian Debating Champion, Adjudged World’s 3rd Best Debater against Harvard, Standford and Yale University & one of the only 10 Master Trainers in India. His experience has been diverse with multiple industries like Manufacturing, FMCG, Finance, etc.

A voracious, dynamic public speaker & Orator who started training delivery at a young age of 21 with IIM Ranchi, Utsav has carved a niche for himself in the experiential learning space. He has delivered workshops for associate level workers of Maruti to the top Management of MARS Chocolates to DRDO Scientists. His experience has been diverse with multiple industries like Manufacturing, Consulting, FMCG, IT etc. Following are the top programs he delivered in the last 6 Months:

  • Covered 1800 People for Team Effectiveness Intervention for American Express, India
  • Cultural Integration Program for Budweiser Value Integration Program for Greenlam Industries
  • Sales Intervention on the theme Believe for MARS India
  • Leadership Development Program for SAP in Singapore & Malaysia
  • Workshop on “Outrageous Targets” for National Sales Team of Viacom TV 18
  • Self Effectiveness workshop for Scientists of DRDO

Utsav currently is the lead Gap Finder at Team Builders managing Projects and end to end solutions from Training Need Analysis to creating customized training solutions and managing execution of the solutions across locations.


Asif Basra

Method Actor & Theatre Session Specialist

Known for over two decades for his numerous theatre and cinema performances. Asif Basra works with clients on a one-on-one format or in small groups, inducing participants to focus their energy on the task at hand – just as adept actors are trained to do.

Theatre techniques are used to help participants to tap into their different roles and emotions. They are encouraged, through spontaneous movement, to sync their body and mind in full synergy, so as to break down their everyday conditioning and knee-jerk habituation.