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26 Oct 2022

Know the Top Connection-Building Icebreaker Activities!

7 Top Connection-Building Icebreaker Activities for Team Members

Professionals all over the world, feeling the lack of social connection with their employees, make icebreaker activities for work that are more important when it comes to building bonds. It helps to create engaged and happier employees.

Several challenges take place in the workforce; about 31% of people are satisfied with the social connection they have at work. Around 43% of people do not feel a sense of connection with their employees.

So, it is important to follow the icebreaker activities. These activities are the solution to this challenge. It plays a big role in solving the problem and connecting employers better.

Icebreaker games help the employees to reconnect, and new ones get to know each other better. In a firm or any business, it is important for people to make a good connection. In this way, they are happier, less stressed, more engaged at work, and physically healthier.

Here we will compile the list of top icebreaker activities that help build a strong and happier connection between colleagues.

1. Icebreaker Bingo

Icebreaker bingo has become more social than the usual bingo, which involves everyone sitting down and hoping to mark off the numbers or words from the boards.

  • In this, you have to create randomized cards full of questions and personal prompts to distribute to your team.
  • Instead of staying seated, people will get and mingle, chatting with their employees and finding the more about them.
  • They have to determine which of the coworkers is suitable for describing one of their bingo squares.
  • In usual bingo, once the player gets five in a row, they win the round. Or, to make the bingo game last longer, you play blackout bingo, where the player has to cover the entire board to win.
  • You can easily create customized icebreaker bingo cards with the help of a template.

2. Virtual Social Shuffle

If your team cannot get together in person, you will surely love the virtual social shuffle activity or your work.

  • Get to know colleagues and make better connections with the ultra-social virtual team build activity for working groups.
  • This way, your group will learn fun facts about each other as you can handle the series of themed discussion topics together and be involved in exploratory conversations.

3. Two Truths and Lie

It is good if you have already heard about two truths and lie. But if not, then also it is not a big problem.

  • The premises of this fact is pretty simple. Every team member will be tasked with coming up with three facts.
  • It means two of them are true, and one is a lie in it.
  • Then, the remaining group will be required to decide which ones are- and you may be surprised by the answers.
  • It is considered the absolute icebreaker game that helps to know colleagues better and find the fun things about them.

4. Hometown Map

If you want to know who your colleagues are and from where the colleagues are, then the hometown map is an amazing icebreaker activity for work. The premises of this activity is also simple as other activity.

  • In this, you can easily use the real map that is pinned to the office wall.
  • You can also use the Google map of the world in which every team member are come up and pin the location where they were born.
  • Here, they can also share fun facts about their birthplace and their growing experience at this place.
  • If you want to widen the scope of the location, then you can simply ask the people to pin the places from where their families belong.

5. Commonalities

This is considered a fun and personal icebreaker activity, no matter whether you have a big team or a small one.

  • It helps people to know each other in a better way.
  • It is simply to follow this icebreaker activity. In this, you can simply split the teams into small groups. For example, you can split the team into a group of 2 to 4 members.
  • Then, you have to give the task to them to find the five things common in them. Remember that these things are not simple as they sound.
  • During this icebreaker activity, you must set the timer for every group to 10-15 minutes. Then, mix up all the groups so everyone can get the chance to connect with the others.

6. Broken Telephone

You may remember the broken telephone game from childhood; as it turns out, it is just as fun as the icebreaker activity for work to build a healthier collection among the employees.

  • Here is how it plays, get the group together around the conference table or in the social setting, and choose somebody to begin the game.
  • The person who begins the game thinks about the phrase and word and passes it to the next players, with no allowed repeats.
  • Then, the listener tries to correctly repeat the same phrase and word into the ear of the next players.
  • The last person in the game line repeats the word and phrase aloud. Then, the players announce the correct phrase and word.
  • This practice does not only make you laugh but also helps your team to exercise communication skills.

7. One-Word Story

This is another icebreaker game that you may remember since your childhood. This game translates into amazing icebreaker games for adults, also.

  • The object in this game is used to tell a cohesive and full story- by contributing only one word at a time.
  • This is the simple way in which it works.
  • You must ensure that all your colleagues sit in a circle and select one person to get the story to begin.
  • In this person, start with one single word.


In the world, colleagues struggle with a lack of communication with their employees. But if you follow all the above icebreaker activities, these activities support a happy and healthier connection between colleagues and employees.

Team Builders India is there to help you out, and whether your teams want physical or virtual activities, we have all activities for your team members. Contact us for creative programs regarding team members.


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